CD Ministry

The CD Ministry actually began as the “Tape Ministry”, in which recordings of the Sunday Worship Services were made on cassette tapes. When we still used the cassette tape technology, recordings of the women’s Sunday School classes were made as well. Copies of these cassette tapes were made and distributed primarily to the sick and homebound members of our congregation. Worship Service Bulletins are distributed along with the recordings of the worship services. The goal was (and is) to help those who are unable to attend to know that they are an important part of our church. 
In 2006, a CD recorder was added to the Sound System in the Sanctuary, which allowed us to record the Sunday Worship Services on a CD, replacing the cassette tapes. The number of people who receive the CDs of our church services each week varies widely. Most often, the number of CDs distributed ranges from 12 to 14 per week, however this number can go higher or lower as needed. 
While the primary mission of the CD Ministry is to produce copies of the CDs of our Sunday Worship Services to be distributed to our sick and homebound members, the mission of the CD Ministry of our church has also been expanded. 
With the CD technology, we are also able to make CD recordings of any weddings and funeral services that are held in the Sanctuary of our church. CD copies of these services can then be given to the families. We also make CDs of other special services and events held in the Sanctuary of our church. These can include, but are not limited to, Holy Week Services and other special church services, as well as musical concerts. Several times a year we have special organ and piano concerts, as well as special cantatas performed by our Sanctuary Choir. 
In addition to our sick and homebound members, our church services and these special musical events are recorded and CDs copies can be distributed to those who may have had to be out-of-town, or were otherwise unable to attend, or who simply want a copy to listen to over again. Also a few copies are delivered weekly to a local assisted-living facility and to a local nursing and rehabilitation facility so that anyone there can listen to our church services if they wish.
Now, by visiting our website, you have the opportunity to listen to our church services and other special events at Pocahontas Bassett Baptist Church. Or better yet, come and visit in person and worship with us. You will be warmly welcomed.